Prairie Thunder
Baking Company


At this time we do not have an online ordering system in place. However, if you wish to order our breads or pastries then please call us at (405)602-2922. Though our daily offerings are the same, the specialty items differ from day to day, so call to get the full list. Due to the time and care we put into our products, if your order is larger than normal (typically a dozen or more) we will need at least 48 hours, preferably longer, to fulfill your order. You may, however, preorder as many items as you’d like and we will bake them fresh. We tend to sell out quickly, so this is a good way to ensure that we’ll have what you need when you come in!


We are dedicated to providing breads and pastries both for labeled resale and as an integral part of a restaurant’s menu. All wholesale orders are welcome, regardless of scale (though the bigger the purchase, the bigger the wholesale discount), and we will deliver to your location anywhere in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. We currently serve many establishments around the metro.

If you’d like to talk about what Prairie Thunder can do for you, call us at (405)602-2922 during normal business hours. Given our operations, we are more likely to be available to visit with you in the mornings.

Catering, large and small

Whether for a small group or a large gathering, we can put together trays of sandwiches or pastries, bowls of salads, boxes of cookies etc. for your office or home event, and can either deliver them to you when you need them, or have them ready at the bakery for pickup at your scheduled time. We work with local catering companies to provide large and small orders for their events. At the present time we are not set up for on-site catering service. Please contact us at least a week in advance if possible.